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With MaxEasy Website Submitter from MaxmillianSoft you can submit your site to major search engines in just a matter of seconds. Why pay someone to do this for you?

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MaxEasy Website Submitter $9.95
Site submission can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Sites should be resubmitted when you have made any significant addition to the pages. It is also recommended that you submit your most important pages as a URL. When you add all this up, the cost will be several hundreds to several thousands of dollars.

Even if your website is your personal site, your friends, and family will often search to find your URL because they can't remember the exact text to enter into the browser. If you have a things to sell you will be lucky if it is ever visited if you have not submitted it to the search engines.

Site submission services will charge you about $29.95 for each URL you submit. If you are lucky they will submit two for the price of one. Since it costs them nothing to do this they still make a very nice profit from your dependence on their service. To make it more attractive they will send you a monthly report that says nothing that you don't already know. You will get a list of each search engine. What are you supposed to do with that?

MaxEasy submits to search engines in just a matter of seconds. The expensive services will submit to hundreds but this gains nothing. Most search engines leverage off the work done by Google and once listed by Google your site will show up everywhere else too!

MaxEasy is your very affordable and efficient method to submit your website. Before our software was available we also used a service. We won't miss the payments we used to make!

  • MaxEasy has a very simple interface.

  • MaxEasy submits to the key search engines.

  • MaxEasy is very inexpensive.

  • You will be in control of the website submission.

  • You will save time with MaxEasy.

  • You will save lots of money!

Please note that once your submissions are made, it may take 2-4 months before before Google shows them. Your placement on the list is dependent on the keywords and the number of sites that show your link. You must submit the site however before the search engines even consider the other factors. Although there are 66 engines shown in the software, some have combined, a small few are defunct. Policy's vary by company and you should review them by visiting the site. All this said and done, we still just check all the boxes and submit the site.

Requirements: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP

Adware/Spyware: This software does not contain any Adware, Spyware or third party programs.

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