MaxmillianSoft MaxCleaner

Protect yourself and your computer security with MaxmillianSoft MaxCleaner. This a very convenient tool that allows you to clean any file or folder to permanently remove data and information that is automatically stored on your hard drive or in memory.

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MaxmillianSoft MaxCleaner $9.95

The #1 way to protect Yourself, Your PC, & Your Windows Programs! With MaxmillianSoft MaxCleaner, you can remove Temporary Internet Files, Browser histories, and other personal information that you would not want to share with others! Many people believe that using commands such as, “Delete”, “Empty Recycle Bin”, and “Clear History”, will remove all unwanted data from your system. These commands do not effectively protect you or your files. Using the regular operating systems command will still allow access to people using data recovery techniques. If your hard drive is taken or stolen, your temporary files, Internet searches and thousands of other pieces of information could be viewed by unauthorized personnel. Now you can fix this problem easily and inexpensively.

File clean can securely erase the following:

  • Internet Explorer and Netscape Histories
  • Internet Cookies
  • Internet Temp Files
  • Browser Favorites
  • Email Message Histories
  • Windows Temp Files
  • Windows Run History
  • Windows Recent Docs History
  • Windows Recycling Bin
  • Windows Clipboard
  • My Documents Folder
  • My Pictures Folder
  • My Videos Folder
  • Many App histories
  • Any directory specified!
  • Any file specified!
  • Has a keyboard shortcut so you can minimize all open windows instantly.

    Requirements: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP

    Adware/Spyware: This software does not contain any Adware, Spyware or third party programs.
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