Maxmillian's Gold: Hide Your E-mail from Website Harvesting Spiders!

Article by Ronald J. Saunders

Yes, this is a real menace to you! It may sound like an agricultural pest but it is actually a website pest. The spider programs are designed to scour through millions of web pages and collect every e-mail address they can find. Including yours! Fortunately there are a couple of ways that you can use to prevent them from getting yours. I will not bother to go into a tutorial about the simple ways that have already been overcome by the spiders, although interesting, you need to get moving to change your methodology now. The second most useful way to have a contact from your website is my using a form submission. You can find information on the form method by clicking on the menu item at the left side of this page.

Here is what this code will print on your web page:

We welcome your comments and questions. Send an E-mail to

Here is how to put it into your web page:
  • Open your web page with notepad or your text editor. Do not use word processing software because they will include formatting codes that will ruin your page.

  • Highlight the code that I have provided on my page.

  • Right click and copy the code; then paste it into your page.

  • Remove the two tags <!-- and //-->

  • On the line: var contact = "maxmillian" change maxmillian to your website name

  • On the line: var email = "sales" change the word sales to your email ID. That's everything before the @ sign in your email address.

  • On the line: var your_emailHost = "" change to your webmail collection site/IP provider.

  • Now test the script by sending yourself an e-mail. Don't skip this step or I will get all your e-mail!

Some familiarity with coding is helpful when doing this kind of work. If you are familiar with Java Script code, then you can easily ascertain what the code is doing. For the less initiated, this code is simply taking the elements that make up the e-mail address and is putting them together in a way that fools the spider. The spider program is looking for the format of an e-mail address such as The Java Script, however, never displays the address in the conventional format. Instead, it use the document.write statement to piece all the elements together.

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