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Written by: Ronald J. Saunders

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Building a website from a template can save you lots of time and
frustration. In fact, building a website from a template is the
most efficient process for people to get their website up and
running in a relatively short period of time.

There are a variety of appearances and layouts to choose from
when browsing through the thousands of available website
templates. It all depends on what you might have in mind as to
what you would like to do with your site design. If you need a
website to host games you can find a templates for that; if you
need a website to advertise your home based business you can find
that as well. The variety and range of website templates is very
broad and comprehensive.

Graphics - A good website template comes with graphics that you
can tweak to your own desires. You can replace the existing
photos with your own pictures, that you may already have on
your computer, to customize the website. You can also have
your company logo placed directly onto the website for easier
brand recognition.

Content - The content that you want to put on your website will
determine which type of template you will finally choose to
utilize. There are a wide variety of categories of website
templates that you can browse though to find just the right
kind of template for your own website.


Truthfully, there are dozens of reasons why you would want to use
a website template to build your professional website. You will
find a few of these reasons listed below.


Using a website template allows your website and all the pages
in it to have a good flow and continuity in appearance. When
building a website you want the visitor to your site to be able
to have the same links on each web page so that they can easily
navigate the site. Imagine if you built the HTML yourself and
had trouble getting the link for “home” in the same spot on each
page. Using a template allows you to easily have all of your
sites links in the same spot with the same design. Additionally,
you company logo will appear in the same place on every page, as
well as information about contacting you.


A good website template will also allow you to add a shopping
cart to your site with little to no effort. As you probably
already know, a shopping cart allows your customers to pick out
the items that they want as they go. This way they do not have
to go back and forth from the product page to the payment page.
A shopping cart simplifies the purchase process for your site
visitor, which in turn will increase your sales. It has been
proven in testing that a good quality, easy-to-use shopping cart
will actually increase your overall sales and reduce your amount
of lost customers from your purchase pages.


People generally have lots of questions for website template
providers. Some of these questions include the formats of the
template and what they are allowed, or not allowed, to do with
the template. Most website template providers use Photoshop and
HTML formats for the display and distribution of their templates.

As far as what you can do with a purchased website template: you
can use it to create a website, but cannot resell the template to
others. Nor are you allowed to claim intellectual property of the
template or make more than one project from the same template.

For most users, this is not a significant issue because you are
allowed to make any modifications to suit your purposes. This
includes using your own copyright and removing the copyright of
the seller of the template. If you chose to have a custom
website designed for you, you are likely to encounter the same
intellectual property issues. As an example, most designers will
reuse their own cascading style sheets or Java Scripts for menus
so that they don’t have to recreate the work that they have
already done. These scripts are therefore, their intellectual
property. When in doubt always ask before you buy the product.
Most distributors of website templates include an FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions) page on their website for more detailed


If you do not have a great deal of experience designing websites,
it can take weeks to complete your site and you will still most
likely have to consult people who have hands-on experience to
walk you through the basic processes. Even if you do have
experience building websites, a template can still be a real
time saver.

The cost benefits are noticeable as well. Simply put, buying a
website template is a great investment. Anything that can help
you to get to the business of selling your product or service
faster is definitely a worthwhile investment. Add to this the
fact that you know that you will be creating a quality website
design that your visitors will appreciate. If you build your own
website and run into difficulties which take more time, then
you are losing the business of customers that could have been
visiting your site during that time period. Buying a template
also keeps you from having to pay a website designer...and keeps
you from having to wait for them to complete the project to your

One of the biggest down sides of using a website designer to
build your website for you is that you are having to lay out lots
of cash on an idea unseen! Sure, you can discuss at length with
the designer that you will hire as to what you would like your
site to look like and accomplish, but it is nearly impossible
for a designer to have the same vision of a site that you have
in your own head. Whose to say that at the end of the lengthy,
expensive process of designing your website, that you will not be
disappointed with the final outcome, but agree to use it so that
you can get down to business? This is one of the best arguments
for using a website template instead of hiring a professional
website designer. Having the ability to see the actual design
before laying down your hard earned money, you are assured that
you will not be disappointed with the final outcome.


The website template that you purchase can be set up just as it
is, or you can customize it to your own specifications. This is
totally up to you and how much individuality you want or need in
your particular website. If this is a website for your friends
and family, then perhaps going with the basic template is what
you want, if you are a business who is competing with similar
sites, then perhaps you want to individualize it to a larger

It is easy for most people to customize their website using
their purchased template. The templates come with easy to
follow instructions and offer a wide range of answers to common
questions. All templates are provided with source files, and you
only need to tweak the source code with your custom changes.
Using HTML editors in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop makes
customizing your website a breeze.

Some people wonder if they have the necessary skills to use a
website template. The skill set that is required depends on what
you want to do with the website and the level of customization
that you want to implement. If a simple website is all that you
want with little customization, then only beginner level skills
are needed. Obviously, the more you wish to customize the
website, the more skills you need. Overall though, if you have
patience and read the instructions and help manuals, most
Internet users can build their website from a template.

In order to download the available website templates, you will
need to have unzipping software. If you do not have unzipping
software it can easily be found through a search on the Internet
or you may download a minimal, but free and useful, tool, at


Choosing the right template for your particular website does take
a little bit of thought. The easiest way to choose the template
is by browsing sites such as and their many
categories of websites. This allows you to find the type and
style of template that best suits your needs. As a website
builder, you should only buy the templates that you actually
need. Depending upon your planned use for the site, you can
decide how in depth the template really needs to be. If you only
need a company logo template, then buy that; if you need a flash
intro template buy that. If you need it all, that is available


Some sites that sell website templates offer a membership whereby
you can have access to multiple website templates as long as you
remain a member. This sounds like a good idea at first, until you
start to consider that the templates that you are downloading
have also been downloaded by potentially thousands of other
users. This means that your site will look the same as many
other sites...potentially thousands of other people’s sites. does not offer a membership; instead they offer a
single point of sale template. What this means is that you are
able to purchase a template and then that template will never be
sold again. This insures that your site will have a high level
of individuality to it. Do keep in mind however, that others who
bought the template before you, and did not choose the single
point of sale option, will be using the same template. Before
buying your template, you can see exactly how many people have
actually bought the rights to that template before you, giving
you the option of knowing how unique your template design will
actually be. You should also visit your competitor’s sites to
assure yourself that you will not be duplicating their website.
From a practical point of view, except for affiliate storefront
sites, you probably won’t encounter the same template being used
over and over. Google states that they track over 8 billion
websites from their search engine, so if you do some quick math
the odds are definitely in favor of using a template to build
your website.


There are so many reasons to use a website template. Whether you
want to save money, time, or simply want to be in control of
your site without having to rely on web designers, a template is
for you. The templates allow for individuality, customization,
and are much easier to use than you may think. Check out today and get started on building your own
high quality, professional and personally customized website.



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